Vytautas water - “Earth’s juice” Lithuanian Product of the Year 2004. Birštonas mineraliniai vandenys company was established in 1924 and is the oldest and most experienced company of water extraction in Lithuania. The name “Vytautas” was created and offered to Birštonas company by prominent Lithuanian writer Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas. Research on Vytautas Water was started in the 60ies of last century, and to this day, no other Lithuanian water has been under such explicit scientific research. Various scientists proved that Vytautas Water has health restoring properties. Fastest growing mineral water brand and the number one in Lithuania according to volume, these days (4/2012) being sold out in many Lithuanian super markets most of the time. Annual export growth is 113% a year. Has the most useful minerals among all the mineral waters in Baltic States. Its therapeutic value was proved by various scientists. Unique taste – when people drink Vytautas, they feel like drinking MINERALS not just plain tap water. Vytautas strengthens the immune system by recovering lost energy with useful minerals. Vytautas is an undiluted and unfiltered water with no additives. Its composition is balanced by nature itself. It can replace unnatural drinks or drugs. Mineral content per Liter Sodium (Na+): 1727 mg Chloride (Cl-): 3480 mg Magnesium (Mg2+): 240 mg Calcium (Ca2+): 552 mg Potassium (K+): 32 mg Sulfate (SO42-): 989 mg Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-): 300 mg Total dissolved solids: 7320 mg pH: 5,5 Contains carbon dioxide. Sustainable, hypotonic hydration With a total concentration of 0.73% dissolved substances, Vytautas water contains comparatively more essential minerals than other mineral and spa waters, but it is still classified as a hypotonic drink (human blood has 9 g / 0.9% salt per liter, Vytautas water contains much less salt, namely only 5.2 g / 0.52%). The salinity is therefore neither isotonic nor hypertonic. This biologically balanced combination of water and salt promotes a lasting hydration (see medical rehydration study). In contrast, consumation of "low sodium" or even salt-free water urges urination pretty soon after drinking, whereby the precious water is lost again. The Iranian physician and world-renowned author Dr. Batmanghelidj ("Your body’s many cries for water") has significantly contributed to increase awareness of the importance of systematic rehydration with water and salt.  His books can be ordered together with water at our German sister company. Taste of Vytautas water The taste is slightly salty, but after the first few liters you have become accustomed, because the high amount of other minerals rounds off the overall impression and the water doesn’t taste neither too salty (due to high salt content), nor too bitter (because of high sulphur content). Some consumers reported that Vytautas water made them drink regularly the recommended 1.5 liters of water per day for the first time, because they feel the difference, and their body literally is craving for the minerals to compensate for his shortcomings. After a few days, Vytautas drinkers report, one starts to empty a bottle of Vytautas water with the same desire as a bag of potatoe chips. The water tastes best at room temperature. Under no circumstances should you keep it in the refrigerator. Effects of Minerals Calcium regulates the cardiac activity in the organism, takes part in the formation of bones and teeth, this is an important factor of blood coagulation, takes part in muscle excitation & Co.ntractions. If the organism lacks calcium, more often bone fractures are possible, along with the diseases of teeth, nails, hair, also throes, and disturbances of cardiac rhythm. Magnesium takes part in many metabolic functions of the organism, in excitation of nerve and muscle fibres. If the organism lacks magnesium, the dizziness may occur, cardiac irregularities, tend to muscle spasms. Potassium maintains the balance of alkali and acids in the organism, takes part in passing the impulses to the muscle and nerve cells, regulates liquids in the organism. If the organism lacks potassium, muscle weakness is possible, decrease of blood pressure, cardiac disorders, loss of appetite. Sodium regulates the amount of water in the organism, takes part in excitation process of nerve and muscle cells. If the organism lacks sodium, nausea, dizziness, muscle spasms are possible. Sodium exists mainly extracellularly (ie outside of the cells in the serum of 135-140mmol / l). Intracellularly (ie in the cell), the concentration is only 10 mmol / l. The sodium balance in the body is controlled solely by the urine. Each intake of salt triggers the absorption of water, which is bound by the salt. The amount of bound water is defined precisely by the concentration of extracellular sodium and potassium. Sodium moves out of the cell where it binds water! Sodium acts in the body in many ways: it regulates the water balance and provides a balanced pH (acid-base balance). Sodium also supports the activities of some enzymes. An important function - especially for sportsmen - is the transfer of electrical signals in nerve and muscle cells (muscle contractions, especially of the heart muscle). Sodium deficiency can result in dysfunctional signal transduction in the nervous system. There must always be sufficient sodium present extracellularly. Intake and need are crucial for a balanced sodium balance and a functioning nervous system. Sodium is - in the form of positively charged sodium ions, the cations (Na+) -  a component of the mineral component of bone and thus also involved in bone formation. Chloride together with sodium regulate water balance in the organism, also promote the digestive activity. If the organism lacks chloride, disorders of digestion are possible. Sulphur has a reputation as being the body's beautifying mineral. If you have ever immersed yourself in a Sulphur spring, you know that this statement is true. Another reason for this claim to fame probably has to do with the fact that Sulphur is in keratin which keeps hair, fingernails and skin strong and healthy. Sulphur also plays a significant role in the production of collagen, skin's best ally. Collagen is actually present in the skin's connective tissues and these tissues help maintain the skin's elasticity. Collagen also helps wounds heal better and faster. Sulphur is also involved in cellular respiration, which in simple terms means it helps the cells use oxygen efficiently. The end results of this bodily function are improved cell activity and brain function. Sulphur helps the body rid itself of toxins which is why it's known as a detoxifier. Sulphur has many anti aging properties and it helps relieve the symptoms associated with age related conditions such as arthritis. Sulphur has been used to relieve the symptoms of skin conditions  such as eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, hemorrhoids, dry scalp and acne. In fact, countless ointments, creams, lotions and other types of skin care products contain Sulphur. Sulphur also plays a very key role in the metabolism of several important B-vitamins including B-1, B-5 and Biotin. Hydrogen carbonate is not an essential mineral, but an organic compound, which the body also produces, even if under energy input. Special uses of Vytautas Water Vytautas Water before lunch quickens stomach activity and improves digestion by increasing the secretion of the gastric juiceds and acidity, along with motoric function of the stomach and gall-bladder. Anti stress water: Modern eating and lifestyle habits need more compensation of stressful situations. Magnesium reduces tiredness and stabilizes the nervous system. Anti hangover water: Take some Vytautas Water before going to bed, and you will feel better the next morning. Don’t believe it? Try it! Natural Energy Drink Vytautas Mineral Water can give even more wings than energy drinks. In two fundamentaly ways, which increase stamina almost instantly: Supply with minerals (esp. magnesium and sodium). Sustainable hydration through water and optimal, hypotonic salt content.
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