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Vytautas water. Refreshingly different. Vytautas water has the optimal mix to become the shooting star among European mineral waters. We have created a complex comparison sheet which compares the price / performance ratio, as well as the daily recommended intake of minerals (concentration) of 18 German mineral and medicinal waters in a total balance value. On the German market, there are one or two medicinal waters which are more concentrated than Vytautas water, but due to their extremely high salt content, they cannot not be drunk in regular quantities. Diluting would at the same time dilute the desired minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Besides, one of them contains excess amounts of Uranium. Uranium content U is not an essential element, but has toxic chemotherapeutical, radio-toxic and carcinogenic effects. The German Federal Environmental Office recommended in 2005 as a tolerable, life-long maximum concentration for U in drinking water a guideline value of 10 µg / L (F. Knolle, “Ein Beitrag zu Vorkommen und Herkunft von Uran in deutschen Mineral- und Leitungswässern”, 2009, Technische Universität Braunschweig). As a measure value in terms of the Drinking Water Ordinance of 2001, a maximum of  20 µg / L for a period of up to ten years are consideres tolerable (Dieter 2000, Konietzka et al., 2005). The results of a mass survey of over 400 mineral waters regrading uranium exposure, which was carried out on behalf of Food Watch in 2006 and 2009, is included into the juxtaposition. Weakly mineralized waters with less than 1000 mg/l  were excluded from the comparison. This is also due to the fact that such content-free waters may be called “mineral water” only since the amendment of the German Regulation of Mineral Water (under pressure from the EU). Vytautas water contains all the essential minerals in high concentration. Compared to the rest of the mineral waters and curative mineral waters, Vytautas leads the field by a large margin.
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