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Vytautas. The legend lives. The great name of this mineral water has its origin from an old legend: Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke and national hero of Lithuania, led many battles (including Grunwald 1410, one of the biggest and most important knight battles in the medieval ages) and experienced the regenerative power of the "Birstonas source" firsthand. He ensured that all his troops across the country would drink this water to increase their stamina. Vytautas today:   • Market leader in the Baltics. • Lithuanian "Product of the Year." • 30 million fillings in 2011. • Noticeably remineralizing. • The No. 1 in direct comparison. "After the first bottle my body wanted literally to the minerals. For the first time, I’m drinking the recom-mended 1-2 liters of water per day easily for the first time, and I feel much fitter." - Mario G., Tallinn
Vytautas Water  in comparison with 18 renowned German Medicinal Waters. Pure Mineral Power:   Sodium (Na+): 	1727 mg Chloride (Cl-):	3480 mg Magnesium (Mg2+): 	240 mg Calcium (Ca2+):	552 mg Potassium (K+):	32 mg Sulfate (SO42-): 	989 mg Hydrogen crbonate (HCO3-): 	300 mg   Total dissolived ions:	7320 mg